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SLUNOVRAT - Sword & Iron Cross
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Slunovrat is very promising heathen black / thrash metal band, composed from musicians with longtime music-creation experience. Frontman of Slunovrat, „Midgard“, was founding member of black metal band Enochian (one from the first BM band in Czech Rep, from Maniac Butcher era). Now, after 10 years, Midgard is back with SLUNOVRAT. Also other members are from well-known metal hordes (Silva Nigra, Enochian, Sacrist, Sigmundur). Slunovrat is not a „super true raw home made PC black metal“ or „folk dancing“ band. Slunovrat recorded album in professional studio DiGaz, where other good BM bands as Inferno, Silva Nigra, Moravska Zima etc. recorded their albums.

Album „Sword & Iron Cross“ is a perfect mix of few hard metal styles, mainly Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Hate Core. Music also includes excellent keybord parts, few intermezzos between songs and original cover version of „Han Som Reiste“ by legendary Burzum. This album contains very addictive music for fans of the bands as The Syre, Capricornus, Nordisches Blut etc.. Maximum volume is recommended!

Professional cd. Full-coloured 12 page booklet. Handnumbered to 1000 cd. Who order this cd soon can get cd signed by all members. Only 10 copies of 1000 was signed.

Price: 220 Kè / 9 Euro